Playing With Words
This is a group of digital art pieces created on the computer and output on canvas. The illustration below shows the progression of how a word or phrase start out and then the pieces are digitally manipulated, cropped, cut, pasted, collaged, and reasembled to create a final version that is the abstract essense in my view of the word as a finished product. The process can take hours and manipulated up to 500 times until the final version of the artwork is achieved. In the course of working on the final version the versions can produce digital dirt or color changes that when blown up cause the final image that started out to be black & white to have color. Use of layers and transparency cause shapes and new colors to form and in some cases the letter forms disappear completely.

Digital Translation

Digital Paint
The evolution of my digital art continues as I create art using programs, and new tools that use digital paint and drawing, type and photographs. Having the ability to carry a camera, iphone and ipad with me allows me to be creative through out the day even if I can not be in the painting studio or in my digital studio using my computers. These digital works have all been expressed on canvas...I view them as digital paintings.

Abstract Mixed Media Paintings
These are paintings that I have used mainly acrylics with other materials like oil pastels, pencils, and canvas. The beauty of the abstract is what the viewer sees and feels when they view these paintings. For me the process is not complete until the viewer brings their experiences to the art and they experience possibly something completely different than I may have intended.

Portraits, Landscapes and More
As much as I enjoy doing the abstract I am constantly asked to create more representational paintings and drawings. These works are works done from landscapes many recorder from my travels in Texas, the beach or based on my trip to Italy and other parts of the world. Also included are portraits done for friends and some of those portraits are of the extended members of the family, people's pets. I am open to taking commissions for my work - send me an email and let's discuss.

Cryptographic Paintings and Works
This gallery contains works that lead from an interest in cryptographic markings. These works have lead me to see the blending of painting, drawing and a hidden language that viewers try to relate to the markings on the canvas or paper. The inspiration of creating your own language from markings comes from my influence of artist's such as Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, David Hockney, ancient cave dwellers, and the subconscious.


Digital Paint - Playing with Words
Playing With Words


Digital Painting
Digital Paint
Abstract Mixed Media
Abstract Mixed Media
Landscapes, Portraits and More
Landscapes, Portraits & More
Cryptographic Paintings
Cryptographic Works